The Heartland POD

The Heartland POD

316 Episodes

American politics from a Heartland perspective. Focusing on facts and fundamental fairness, but not afraid to embrace the funny where it exists. Dedicated to the quiet heroes of America's Heartland who are making a difference every day. Monday: The Heartland POD with host Adam Sommer's opening statement & Talkin' Politics with co-hosts Rachel Parker & Sean Diller.  Wednesday: a rotation of High Country, a report from the Mountain West with Sean Diller, and The Delta with science teacher Nicholas Linke and spouse Kristina Linke, an ASL interpreter and mother, bringing their experience and midwest family life to the issues of the day. Friday: The Flyover View for news & views from the Heartland with host, Kevin Smith. 

On most Tuesdays and Thursdays catch an interview show called "Let's Have A Chat" with politicians, authors, musicians, and folks across the country. 

Hosts: Adam Sommer, Sean Diller, Rachel Parker, Nicholas Linke, & Kevin Smith

 (All opinions shared are those of the speaker, and are not necessarily the adopted organizational views of Mid Map Media, LLC.)

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